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[11 Jul 2007|01:56am]
I heard about /b/tards and 4chan on Loveline tonight. Is this good, y/n?
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here's how we roll [02 Jul 2007|08:40pm]
Anime Expo + Electric Daisy Carnival = one very, very intense weekend = one very, very happy Mu.

My favorite part of AX every year is always the cosplaying, but I didn't cosplay this year. So the best times I had were making fun of fat cosplayers (it's mean, but unbelievably fun, once you get past the mean thing), freaking myself out in the hotel room with flashbacks to 1408, and seeing people I only see once a year. (Dude. Spence. I love you for introducing me to Strongbow. :DDDD) Also: Midnight "Tea." Long Beach Convention Center versus Anaheim Convention Center: Anaheim wins hands-down. I really hope they move it back to ACC - and keep it back - next year. But LBCC has its perks; there's no cool sea breeze blowing through Anaheim, for instance.

EDC lasted from Saturday 4pm to 4am on Sunday morning. Non. Stop. It was a beautiful thing.

Tiffany, Me, and Justin were standing in front of a massive, glowing statue-thing of a two-headed dragon. Seems fitting, puff puff.

When we got back to the hotel room at around 5am, everybody (as usual we crammed 10 people in one room) was either still drunk or passed out. Cindy and Andrew snored the loudest, lol. They had incredible synchronized snoring in the whopping 3 whole hours we had left to sleep. Justin collapsed from exhaustion immediately because he went straight-edged that night, but Tiff and I were still rollin' and kinda still groovin'.

Tiff has more pictures: http://flickr.com/photos/7481471@N03/ (plus a few on the bottom from my posh-posh birthday tea party.) I particularly like the morning-after photo with Reuel half-hanging off the bed, and the picture of me and Tiff touching each other. :3
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Heavenly Couture

Everything is 16 dollars. EVERYTHING. Jeans, tops, dresses. The designer's a friend of a friend of mine (lol, connections). GO. NOW.
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Bricks were shat during 1408. [25 Jun 2007|09:28pm]
Bricks were shat after 1408.

Bricks are still being shat. Justin probably has bite marks on his arm from when I was chewing pieces of it off in anxiety. (I'm a bloody, painful date.) Jesus christ, what a scary movie.

I took a nap afterwards and had a nightmare of being Josh Harnett, staying in a posh hotel room on the 14th floor of a New York hotel that doesn't exist, with Samuel L. Jackson in bum clothing climbing through my window and talking about how I shouldn't have written that article. It was scarier than it sounded, trust me. You don't want SLJ coming through your window at you.

I also realized something during this movie that I should have realized before: John Cusack is really pretty. Like, really, really pretty. Not like girly-pretty or anything - he's just in possession of some really good genes. D: I want those pretty genes. He doesn't look like he aged at all in the past ten years. His eyelashes are so dark and full that he'll never need mascara, ever. He can pull off the perfect, puppy-dog, please-don't-kick-me-when-I-pee-on-your-carpet eyes. WTF John Cusack? Why aren't you donating sperm yet?
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[15 Jun 2007|12:20am]
I found this email in my inbox today, lying in wait like the sexy thing it is:

dear emo-philiac,
i am duty-bound to report this bittersweet news: my final show (for awhile, anyway) at hollywood's steve allen theater is this monday, june 18.

tickets are just ten dollars.

showtime is just 8pm.

and reservations are for woosies... just show up!

hoping you can make it,
i remain,
your eternal slave to mirth-purveying,

Emo Philips is my favorite comedian in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, nobody I know under the age of 30 has heard of him (unless I've dragged them to one of his shows).

This is my favoritest joke from my favoritest funnyman in the whole wide world with a cherry on top.Collapse )

That taping is older than I am, with outdated references to horse jingles, yet I prefer him over a lot of comedians famous today. (*koff*grammy-winning Jeff Foxworthy*koff*) I went to see him at the Queen Mary in February, and again at the Steve Allen Theater just last month. Both times I think I hyperventilated in my seat. His hair is short now, and he let it go completely white so he looks even crazier than he does here. I wuv him. T3T

If you guys have nothing to do on Monday... you can watch Steve Carrell as a special guest on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Or you can go to Emo Philip's show. Whichever, you know. :D (More information about future shows on his website.)
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Yes, I DO have a final in 4 hours that I'm supposed to be studying for, why do you ask? [14 Jun 2007|11:33am]
This post is late, oh so very late. If I was any later, I'd be pregnant, that's how late this post is.

Here be delicious California strawberriesCollapse )
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"Homo Sex" are my new favorite words. Speak them with a Southern twang. [12 Jun 2007|08:54am]
So I revamped my LJ layout before I completely and utterly lost interest in it. It's just going to stay this way, perpetually under construction, kinda like the 22 freeway.

Finals week for everyone! (I'm pointedly ignoring everybody who've been done with school two weeks ago) I feel lucky because all my teachers have been "Well, we're technically giving you a final because we're required to, but really just show your ass up and bring yummy food and you'll pass." Hooray for art classes, neh?

The only classes I have to study for are Old Testament and New Testament. If you guys wondered where I was the past five months, the answer lies in the Bible. ...seriously, I've been reading the Bible. The New Testament is the most boring thing I've ever read in my life. (Paul is boring. D: Jesus is slightly less so, but only because he verbally abuses his mother.) The Old Testament, on the other hand, is wonderful and poignant and I'm dying for someone to make an HBO miniseries out of Judges. Also, Ecclesiastes makes me want to get a tattoo.

I was at LA Pride this weekend with Jo, Pi, Betty, and Betty's friend Marcus. I got mostly shitty pictures, though oddly enough, the ones that did come out passably-well featured lots and lots of glistening male flesh and a Japanese loli.

This way for a celebration of homo sex.Collapse )
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ignore this post [10 Jun 2007|07:35pm]
testing, testing, one two three?

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